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Camellia Sinensis is a very charming café in the Latin Quarters of Montreal

where you can buy lovely tea ware as well as teas from all  over the



What is interesting about this Tea Salon and Boutique is that it is also a tea school, offering a variety of courses on teas.

One of them is the Japanese tea ceremony.

In this ceremony you learn the procedures and etiquette of preparing a simple bowl of tea, a tradition attached to Zen Buddhism.

tea ceremony

Mastering the art of Japanese tea is not to be taken lightly – to become a master it takes five years.

You might already know that It is a sign of respect to slurp your tea, especially the last sip.

It is a way of saying thank you.

“Noisily drinking the last of the tea means that the guest has enjoyed it,” says Shirai Yayoi, a tea master for over 50 years.

So, if your date slurps, don’t be so quick to judge. He or she might just be a tea drinking master.

tea leaf

By now, the health benefits of green tea are well known. Based on conclusions reached by Japanese doctors in a study conducted in Shizuka, Japan, green tea consumption is associated with reduced mortality from all causes, and cardiovascular disease.

This study also suggests that green tea could have protective effects against colorectal cancer.

According to Lao Tzu,  “Tea is the elixir of life.”

Now, isn’t that the purpose of a good first date…to keep it alive?